Dale helps children to manage the ups and downs of life by giving them the tools they need to develop a strong sense of self-worth. Dale believes that by talking to our children in a way that promotes compassion and self-awareness, we can help them develop an inner voice that will help them thrive in their lives.
Message from Dale

Vulnerability is confidence in disguise

Dale is a high-performance international coach and mentor for young people, he is on a mission to positively impact over a million children worldwide. Two years ago he gave a speech in Parliament highlighting the significant concerns surrounding mental health, low self-esteem, and the confidence crisis in schools. 

Dale Vincent, International Coach
1 to 1 Coaching
If you're feeling uneasy about your child's behaviour and want professional guidance, don't hesitate to book Dale directly through our website. Dale's expertise and experience working with children will help provide the support and guidance your child needs.
School Workshops and Talks
Dale's talks on confidence in schools aim to inspire individuals to believe in themselves and their abilities. Through personal anecdotes and practical tips, Dale empowers his listeners to develop self-confidence and overcome any obstacles in their future.
Teachers 2 Coach Programme
Dale is working with a select group of teachers who love teaching but hate the admin and want to break out of the education system. This is a very selective programme so click the button below to see if you qualify.

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